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Tell Your Unique Story on Video     

Introduce yourself to digital visitors with a video that expresses your passion, knowledge, and personality. When people feel they know you, they’re more likely to work with you.

Video conveys emotions that influence a person’s choices and actions. Information is important, but stories inspire feelings. And feelings inspire action. 64% of people say they’re more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video about it, according to comScore. Here’s a USA Today article about why telling your story is so important.

Get the skills of an Emmy-Award winning producer. Call 303-641-3103 or email.

Many of our new clients found us on the internet by viewing our website.  They have told us that they chose us over others because they watched our videos and liked our stories, and liked being able to watch us working on animals so they knew what to expect before coming. 

Pattie made the entire process extremely easy and stress free.  She has a gift for making you feel comfortable and guiding you to discuss your business and philosophies in a way that emphasizes your strengths and makes you shine. 

I would definitely recommend this to other small businesses as a great way to show potential customers who you are, and help you stand out from your competitors.

Dr. Deb Schlutz

Owner, Windward Veterinary

Wild Mare Productions, Inc.