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High Country News

Tribes Use Land Conservancies to Reclaim Ancestral Grounds

Two Border Patrol agents race up on ATVs, rifles across their backs, and demand to know what Louie Guassac is doing, walking near the California-Mexico border. “We own this land,” replies Guassac, a sturdy Kumeyaay Indian with a long black braid. It’s something his tribe hasn’t been able to say about this patch of desert since around 1875, when its members were first forced off traditional lands onto reservations. Read more.

Niwot Country Living Magazine

Changing Times at Niwot Feed

Tim Rollman remembers looking out the front window of Niwot Rental and Feed and seeing a cornfield. He was just eight years old and already helping out at the store owned by his parents, Steve and Kay. By ten, he was writing up invoices, driving U-Hauls and hay trucks. He didn’t yet know how much the town would change or how his responsibilities would grow. But here he is, 43, with a salt and pepper beard, starting to take over the iconic store on Second Avenue, having learned what makes it so special. Read more.


Colorado Division of Wildlife

Watchable Wildlife

It is cold and dark as I pad out on my deck in my slippers, cup full of birdseed to replenish the bottomless feeder. Dawn breaks and the first sparrow flits up on my porch rail, head swishing side to side, checking to see if the coast is clear. Within seconds 15 more appear and swarm the bird feeder. This is how I begin each day – in the company of the wild. I am not alone. Read more.

News Photographer Magazine

Corky Scholl Photographer of the Year

A sudden downpour hits the boat where Corky Scholl is shooting. He is under a tarp but it’s not enough to keep the camera dry. He grabs a beach towel to protect it. The rain comes in sideways on a cold wind. Corky looks over at the two-year-old girl he’s been shooting. She is shivering in her daddy’s arms. He takes the towel off the camera and gives it to the little girl. Corky is the 2004 Ernie Crisp Photographer of the Year. But if there were an award for Really Nice Person of the Year, he’d probably win that too. Read more.


News Photographer Magazine

 KUSA Station of the Year

The walls of the photographer’s room at KUSA could be painted orange and you would never know it. Award plaques cover the walls from floor to ceiling. The photo staff will have to do some rearranging to clear space for its 10th Station of the Year honor for 2004. No other station has won it as often. KUSA’s Corky Scholl also won Photographer of the Year. He joined the staff just last year. Before he landed the job, he knew the station had a reputation for great photography but says, “It didn’t sink in until I walked into that room and saw all those plaques.” Read more.