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Do you want to share your stories with your family?

Do you want to gain a better understanding of yourself and your journey?

Join a Life Story Group and start writing your life stories for yourself and your family. 

Classes: Life story writing groups provide a supportive setting where participants write and share their stories.  You’ll write two pages a week on themes like branching points and family. We do activities that spark memories. The emphasis is on the stories, not your writing skills, though you’ll learn writing techniques to help polish your work. Email me if you’re interested in a class.


  • Gain perspective and self-esteem as you reflect on your life
  • Create friendships as you bond with others through the power of story
  • Offer a priceless gift to future generations who will love reading the real stories of their families, not just a chronological history

Ginger (1)“I have enjoyed this class so much and have learned stuff about myself that I didn’t even know I wanted to know! This course has made me a better writer, communicator, and listener. Each week’s theme got my creative juices flowing and built my confidence as a storyteller.” – Ginger Sheehy

Beth Langer“I cannot tell you how amazing this whole experience has been for me. I found myself whisked away into memories, often those that had laid dormant for decades — and in many cases, the writing has been cathartic. Discussions about my essays left me feeling supported and often gave me new insights into myself and my story.  Listening to the stories of others has reminded me of the richness of life — its pain and beauty and diversity — and of the ways in which we are all so very different and yet, deep down, so very much the same.” – Beth Langer
Maria Eugenia“Thank you for gathering such an amazing group of women. I am thrilled to be a part of this group! I would be missing a lot if I had decided I could not do it.” Maru Tapia


  • Certified in Guided Autobiography by the Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies – 2015
    Certificate in Reminiscence and Life Review – University of Wisconsin – 2015
  • Instructor, University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication 2006-2013
  • M.A., American Studies, University of New Mexico 2002
  • Professional journalist for 25+ years
  • Honored with three Emmys and numerous other awards