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Yep, that’s my rear end. This picture always gets a laugh whenever I show the video I made for my parent’s 50th anniversary. It would still be in a shoebox and stories lost if I hadn’t created this treasured video. It’s especially meaningful now that my father has passed.

I know you have memorable photos and compelling stories in your family too. Don’t let the photos and memories fade away.

Hold on to the memories of loved ones by telling their stories in a beautiful book, video or both. 

Books are good at conveying information and detail, they allow readers to linger and reflect, they’re never lost to technology. Video is good at capturing personality, conveying emotion by seeing how things are said. Music adds mood and energy.

No gift will be more treasured by your family and future generations.

LiTi_LifeS_RGBFor the storyteller: Studies show that reflecting on our lives gives us greater self worth, strengthens our brain’s ability to retain memories (especially important as we age) and helps us see meaning in our life journey.

For younger generations: Studies show that children who know their family heritage do better in school, relationships and careers. They gain insights into themselves, gain wisdom for life’s challenges and feel part of something bigger than themselves.

Custom biographies are a substantial investment. Think of it this way; you could have a new bathroom or lasting memories of your loved ones. What matters most?

Here is an example of a shorter video emphasizing one topic. You can do a full life story book or video or a shorter, themed project.

Save your family stories!

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